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in.gredients bumpersticker by Patrick Lane


As I drove back towards the office Thursday I saw this great bumper sticker, it made me very proud. It represents a great little grocery store with so much more to offer than just groceries. We have a great community garden, wonderful patrons, local produce, growlers, and other goods with almost zero waste. If you aren't familiar with us, come on by and say hello, and check out all that we have to offer. I say 'us' because I am a proud team member and co-owner at in.gredients in lovely Austin,TX. This weekend is our one year anniversary and we are so proud of our team for keeping us up and running as we forge ahead in a new concept in retail grocery shopping.  We are having a party with live music, raffles, and much more. So stop by, socialize, and see what all the fuss and fun is all about. More Info here.

Molly Glentzer - Amazing Writer by Patrick Lane

Sometimes a blog shouldn't just be about yourself.  I'm wanting to take this opportunity to talk about our wonderful friend and collaborator, Molly Glentzer. Molly's an amazing and caring person who's full of more nouns, verbs, and adjectives than a well-played game of scrabble.  She's currently a contributing writer at the Houston Chronicle and various other publications.  We met while working together with the Rigamarole publications for Diamond Offshore. She also has a blog via the Houston Chronicle covering gardening and one of her passions, flowers, more specifically, roses.  It is available with an RSS feed.

Molly's currently working with us on some upcoming promotional pieces.

Daniel Pagan - Designer and Friend by Patrick Lane



My buddy Daniel is truly a gifted person.  Daniel's a talented designer, project manager, and photographer; all in all a real stand-up guy. I recently had lunch with Daniel and was impressed with his design capabilities and understanding of projects.  He's heading up a printed promotional piece for me, and I know the project will be a huge success.  We're working together with Molly Glentzer, another very talented person on my Texas photography promotional project.  I can't wait to see the final printed pieces.

His blog is available here.  AMAZING