Helping Javelin create a new AT&T Blackberry mailer / by Patrick Lane

I had the privilege of working with Art Director Jonathan Delong of Javelin in Dallas, TX on a very cool mail piece for AT&T.  The concept is reminiscent of a page from a child's pop up book.  You might remember these pages with pull tabs and sliding panels, this was the same principle, illustrating the new Blackberry 10 ability to switch from personal to work. The concept was simple, but the execution took some planning.  We built the personal scene using sod from Home Depot and then painted it three different shades of green.  We photographed the work floor scene at the AT&T headquarters in Dallas using existing office flooring.  We then photographed all the individual elements of each scenario, and pieced the individual elements together and separately so that they could be placed back together.  I think in the end the transition from work to play is seamless.