SWN - Southwestern Energy Annual Report by Patrick Lane

As an annual report photographer, nothing makes more importance to our clients than professionalism and delivering quality.  When our client Southwestern Energy contacted us to photograph the board of directors we knew that they trust us to deliver high quality professional images on time and on budget without compromise.  We had little time to work with the team of seventeen directors so time was of the crucial importance, all we had was five minutes from these busy and elite board members.  When the client's time is so valuable that five minutes cost them real dollars, we make sure to deliver. 


Rolls Royce Phantom by Patrick Lane

When you are trying to sell a $600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom you don't go to Car Max to have it photographed and sold, you trust the best and bring it to Patrick Lane Photography and Barrett Jackson.  This beautiful machine and luxury icon is an amazing vehicle, considering it is the extended version and 9 inches longer than a Chevolet Suburban, it is amazingly fast at 0-60 in 6 seconds.

Global Drilling Support by Patrick Lane

While working with Global Drilling Support and Marketing Project Manager Whitney Flora we discovered the quality of imagery and quality of workmanship go hand in hand..   We created a volume of images that were crucial in updating the updating of the GDS website.  GDS provides the highest level of products and services for future drilling whose mission is to develop and provide drilling equipment and services that globally performs with superior capabilities, drives innovation and automation technology in the industry, and supports a culture of safety, productivity and reliability.

RBMM and Dini Partners by Patrick Lane

We were recently approached by ad industry veteran Brian Boyd of RBMM, a Richards Group company, to photograph for the Dini Partners website redesign.  I love love, love, to photograph people and the fine folks at Dini Partners were a pleasure to work with.  

Dini Partners is a leading national consultancy in philanthropy, leadership and performance. For more than forty years, Dini Partners has been making life-changing differences in the financial resources, leadership skills and operations of our clients ranging from complex multi-city health care systems to emerging human service providers. The firm, located in the hub cities of Houston, Dallas, and Denver, counsels premier nonprofit institutions throughout the nation and across the Southwest and Rocky Mountain West. With a core business in the planning and management of capital campaigns and major gift programs, Dini Partners’ substantive expertise extends to strategic planning, leadership development and training, data mining and services that address virtually all of the philanthropic, leadership and performance challenges faced by nonprofit institutions. As a national leader among fundraising consulting firms, Dini Partners brings to each client every day the brightest talents and best practices that produce real results.

in.gredients advertisement in Edible Austin by Patrick Lane

Our beloved store in.gredients recently received a grant funded from The Specialty Crop Block Grant.  As part of the grant we are running an advertisement promoting local produce.  Victor Vargas came up with the concept and I photographed the advertisement, I think it came out very cool.  Our ad will be featured in Edible Austin for a year starting this fall.  Come on in and visit with us. 


ENFOJER - Indigogo by Patrick Lane

Indigogo helped our sister company in.gredients raise startup money for our Austin, TX based, zero waste micro-grocery store. With this said I'd like to help and also spread the word about a cool idea and product.

 While most photography professionals have a vague memory of chemical prints and stains on clothing from the developer, many people under the age of 25 have never even considered printing a silver gelatin print. ENFOJER has started a very cool product for printing silver print from your iPhone and even from regular film helping many to get into a old craft.

The coolest thing that I like about this concept of printing from your iPhone is that you can do lots of photoshop work on your computer then upload the finished image to your phone and  produce a sliver gelatin print. The two in the past didn't have much over lap but this changes that. 

My only real concern is, does the iPhone retina screen have the resolution to support an optical print and if so at what resolution.  I would hate to see pixels on a silver gelatin print. YUK, but overall a cool idea. 

If you would like to support, click here.


One year anniversary for in.gredients! by Patrick Lane

Well, our little "baby" in.gredients turned one year old.  It was such a great party with my brothers and grandfather.  I thank everyone for all the continuous support and love over the last three years as we went from concept to drawing board to execution.  We are very excited and are looking forward to many, many more years of service to our community.  Thanks for all the support from our staff at in.gredients.  Here are some pictures of our great patrons, volunteers, and staff.  


Victor, Christian, Grandpa Hector, Joseph and Patrick

Victor, Christian, Grandpa Hector, Joseph and Patrick

in.gredients bumpersticker by Patrick Lane


As I drove back towards the office Thursday I saw this great bumper sticker, it made me very proud. It represents a great little grocery store with so much more to offer than just groceries. We have a great community garden, wonderful patrons, local produce, growlers, and other goods with almost zero waste. If you aren't familiar with us, come on by and say hello, and check out all that we have to offer. I say 'us' because I am a proud team member and co-owner at in.gredients in lovely Austin,TX. This weekend is our one year anniversary and we are so proud of our team for keeping us up and running as we forge ahead in a new concept in retail grocery shopping.  We are having a party with live music, raffles, and much more. So stop by, socialize, and see what all the fuss and fun is all about. More Info here.

Helping Javelin create a new AT&T Blackberry mailer by Patrick Lane

I had the privilege of working with Art Director Jonathan Delong of Javelin in Dallas, TX on a very cool mail piece for AT&T.  The concept is reminiscent of a page from a child's pop up book.  You might remember these pages with pull tabs and sliding panels, this was the same principle, illustrating the new Blackberry 10 ability to switch from personal to work. The concept was simple, but the execution took some planning.  We built the personal scene using sod from Home Depot and then painted it three different shades of green.  We photographed the work floor scene at the AT&T headquarters in Dallas using existing office flooring.  We then photographed all the individual elements of each scenario, and pieced the individual elements together and separately so that they could be placed back together.  I think in the end the transition from work to play is seamless.