Communication Graphics Inc. by Patrick Lane


This is yet another sample of my work in use. This is my good friend and fellow photographer, Saul, or Salsa as I like to call him. He loves life, his family, and cars. As if you couldn't tell by the smile on his face, he loves his 1968 Impala coupe. This was such a fun shoot and the proof is in the pudding.  This photograph is in my printed portfolio, and continues to be one of my favorite photographs I've ever produced.


Happy Earth Day! by Patrick Lane

Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2011! Since 1970, Earth Day has reminded folks of environmental issues they have the power to resolve. Consider today and what you can do to consume less energy, reduce waste and pollution, and live more sustainably. 

Here's some fun stuff to spark your Earth Day spirit: 01. 10 apps that make it easy to "go green" 02. Free coffee at Starbucks (with a re-useable travel mug) 03. 40 Earth Day deals from stores across the country. And here are some ideas from Brothers Lane's environmentally-oriented business ventures on sustainable living: Glean Organics & in.gredients


Waste Management by Patrick Lane

I was very proud to be a part of the production for the upcoming annual report and print collateral. What a great project! I've included a few of my favorites below. Waste Management proves that one man's waste is another man's (or in this case company's) treasure.  The company is North America’s largest residential recycler, currently managing more than 8.5 million tons of materials including metal, plastic, glass, electronics, and paper at it's 128 facilities.  Waste Management owns and operates sixteen waste-to-energy facilities and five independent power-production facilities, which specialize in collecting municipal solid waste and transforming it into renewable electric power.

Weingarten Realty Annual Report by Patrick Lane

We were excited to receive our copy of the 2010 Weingarten Annual Report today! We worked closely with our friend (and talented designer) David Andrews and the rest of the leadership team at Weingarten Realty. We finished photographing in early spring and we are very pleased with the work that our collaboration produced. Enjoy the samples below and feel free to download the whole report here.

I Love Texas! by Patrick Lane

I have ,in the past, shared my body of Texas work with many of my friends, family and photo followers.  You might be familiar with a series I photographed on Texas from my website, self promotion, and this blog.  I worked on the project with my designer friend Daniel Pagan and wanted to share the final outcome of this project.  The coolest thing to me about the promotional piece, outside of all the travel we did, was the way the promo piece functions.   There is no staples to hold the piece together and each sheet of paper can be view separately or in conjunction with other images.  You can pull sheets out and put them on your wall for art.  In my opinion it was very clever.  If you desire to have one for yourself just drop me a line.


 Texas with Mexico in the background.