I Love Texas! by Patrick Lane

I have ,in the past, shared my body of Texas work with many of my friends, family and photo followers.  You might be familiar with a series I photographed on Texas from my website, self promotion, and this blog.  I worked on the project with my designer friend Daniel Pagan and wanted to share the final outcome of this project.  The coolest thing to me about the promotional piece, outside of all the travel we did, was the way the promo piece functions.   There is no staples to hold the piece together and each sheet of paper can be view separately or in conjunction with other images.  You can pull sheets out and put them on your wall for art.  In my opinion it was very clever.  If you desire to have one for yourself just drop me a line.


 Texas with Mexico in the background.

Southwestern Energy Image Library by Patrick Lane

Custom Imagery Libraries

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USAA Advertisement by Patrick Lane

When I was a teenager my brothers and I would visit my father in Boerne, a little German town just northwest of San Antonio.  We would travel into nearby San Antonio to visit friends, shop and dine, and explore.  I remember driving by the gigantic USAA complex and wondering "what the heck goes on in this place?" I never thought as a child that I would be photographing advertisements for the company as an adult. Thanks for hiring me to photograph your ad! USAA started out in 1924 as the United States Army Automobile Association by a group of U.S. Army officers to self-insure each other because they were unable to get auto insurance due to the notion that soldiers were a high-risk group. Today, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is one of the top ten automobile insurance providers in the country. USAA now employs more than 21,500 employees throughout the United States, and was ranked 45th on Fortune Magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For."

So, props to USAA for providing a great service to our military and their families!  And a special thanks to Phil Foster and Tatiana Luneva-Evenchik for deciding to work with me.  It was a pleasure to work with you both.



EdTech Magazine by Patrick Lane

I recently photographed Mimi Morrison and David Carpenter of Huffman ISD for EdTech Magazine, a CDW publication with Nell Whiting of TMG Custom Media. Mimi and David were very nice to work with. They were complete opposites, but they complimented each other very well. It's nice to see how technology is helping keep schools safer for students and faculty.  We've come a long way from bullying on the playground, and now big brother (or the big Principal) might bust you for being a bully. No more arguments about who pushed who first. Remember kids, nobody likes a bully.

Merian.de Part 1 by Patrick Lane

Howdy, or "Guten Tag!"  I recently worked on a couple stories with a great German magazine "Spiegel Online" and writer Denis Krah.  This blog post is about our first encounter. Denis was a great person to work with, truly kind.  During our first assignment we had the privilege of eating some of Margaret Nadeau's award wining chili.  That may not mean much to some folks, but in Texas being a chili champion equals big bragging rights.   Margaret showed up in her black cowboy hat and wowed everyone with her fabulous personality and award-winning chili.  Here's the link to the article.



University of Texas School of Information by Patrick Lane

I had an excellent photoshoot with the University of Texas School of Information.  What an enjoyable bunch. Almost everyone in the school stems from a library background: librarians, researchers, and documentarians. I thought everyone would be very "homogeneous," if you will, but was pleasantly surprised at their eclecticism.