EdTech Magazine by Patrick Lane

I recently photographed Mimi Morrison and David Carpenter of Huffman ISD for EdTech Magazine, a CDW publication with Nell Whiting of TMG Custom Media. Mimi and David were very nice to work with. They were complete opposites, but they complimented each other very well. It's nice to see how technology is helping keep schools safer for students and faculty.  We've come a long way from bullying on the playground, and now big brother (or the big Principal) might bust you for being a bully. No more arguments about who pushed who first. Remember kids, nobody likes a bully.

University of Texas School of Information by Patrick Lane

I had an excellent photoshoot with the University of Texas School of Information.  What an enjoyable bunch. Almost everyone in the school stems from a library background: librarians, researchers, and documentarians. I thought everyone would be very "homogeneous," if you will, but was pleasantly surprised at their eclecticism. 

Chief of Police - Art Acevedo by Patrick Lane



Recently I won a bid with the City of Austin to photograph portraits of all the City Mangers, Assistant Department Heads, Police Chief, and Fire Chief.  It was a fairly standard portrait session and it was interesting to meet all these wonderful citizens.  I was taken back by how friendly and candid Police Chief Art Acevedo is, considering the seriousness of his post.  This outtake is worth sharing; one of Austin most serious men, hanging ten.

South Texas College of Law by Patrick Lane

Here are some featured images from our shoot with South Texas College of Law.  Our liaisons, Sue Cox, David Powell and Cheryl Mc Entire were a pleasure to work with.  They gave me excellent direction and the proof is the pudding! I look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Midway Companies by Patrick Lane

I had a wonderful time in Houston working on Midway Companies' annual report, in conjunction with Ron Brady and Liz Horner at The Dealey Group in Dallas.  Our biggest challenge was making six different photographs appear as one image during post production. 

Austin City Council by Patrick Lane

Politics is something that I try to avoid talking about with anyone, anywhere, anytime; especially city politics.   I will say though that the City of Austin has a great bunch council members working with Mayor Lee Leffingwell.  Every one from the City Manger to all six Council Members work together so well. The City of Austin meets at City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street most Thursdays.  All Council Members are elected by the citizens of Austin for three-year terms.

Austin City Council

Austin City Council

Red McCombs School of Business by Patrick Lane

These photographs are from a series for the University of Texas PhD. candidate brochure.  We had a great time working with Rick Kendrick and Marsha Miller to get these portraits produced on time and on budget.  We were all pleased with the images and look forward to working more with the University of Texas.  Hook'em!