ENFOJER - Indigogo / by Patrick Lane

Indigogo helped our sister company in.gredients raise startup money for our Austin, TX based, zero waste micro-grocery store. With this said I'd like to help and also spread the word about a cool idea and product.

 While most photography professionals have a vague memory of chemical prints and stains on clothing from the developer, many people under the age of 25 have never even considered printing a silver gelatin print. ENFOJER has started a very cool product for printing silver print from your iPhone and even from regular film helping many to get into a old craft.

The coolest thing that I like about this concept of printing from your iPhone is that you can do lots of photoshop work on your computer then upload the finished image to your phone and  produce a sliver gelatin print. The two in the past didn't have much over lap but this changes that. 

My only real concern is, does the iPhone retina screen have the resolution to support an optical print and if so at what resolution.  I would hate to see pixels on a silver gelatin print. YUK, but overall a cool idea. 

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