Muslim Photgraphs

The New World of Islam by Patrick Lane

It's amazing how wonderful change can be. Every culture in history has undergone it; all you have to do is yearn for it. Religion is beautiful and precious to its beholders, but more beautiful is humanity and the right for all humans to freely believe what they wish, without persecution from others for believing differently.

All religions change. This has been true since their beginnings, when cavemen performed sacred rituals to honor their dead. The influence of religion is perhaps the most overlooked social good man has endured. That social good is currently expanding to the world of Islam.  Organizations like are pioneers of change to the Islamic world.  With Islam changing, albeit a slow change, wonderful things will come.

Here are some examples of how we've been able to convey the change that woman of Islamic and Arab descent have been able to achieve in the United States, thanks to our Bill of Rights